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This article is about Allies. It talks about what other people can do to contribute in helping people gain more self esteem and confidence. This means typically someone opposites from you weather its from race, gender, or a comment you might have made in front of a group of friends. In one of my classes we talked about someones"Face" which is your own image of yourself. its who you think you are. This connects to the article because depending weather or not someone is with you or against you is can have a negative or positive effect on your face. This Blog is a reflection blog because I remember remember I went into a grocery store to grab a few snacks while searching for snacks the manager kept watching me. Unaware of the situation a White male confronted the stores manager as to why he's keeping an eye on me when he could have had the opportunity to steal something as well. The store clerk had nothing much to say but sorry because he knew he was in a situation where he enacted a racist move and the white male was considered and ally. This connects to the article because the white privileged male was sticking up for an African American and he didnt even know me

Friday, November 20, 2015

petcha kucha


A quick summary of my story that i want my pecha kucha is A city where men took control of all operations, decisions and rights, women had no say. They lived lives where they would be given a husband to wed. Women were in competition with themseleves to see who was the prettiest and best shaped to “score” the richest husband.  Their are two lovers Johnny and julianna they meet at a young age and throughout their time growing up together johnny views the different lives they live as well as julianna telling him stories and sharing memories on how her mom and him self lived . Julianna is a non wealthy girl who soon grows up to become a smart educated women but seeing johnny started to become a problem to the The law is enforced by the police enforcement and the SCWAAMP team
              A law enforcement that enforces male Privilege & everything within the Americas systemic institution that allows women and lgbt no rights to anything  separates the two because of their constant time spending together. Johnny then feels aggression and starts to hate the society he lives in. 

Pecha kucha seems interesting gives me a chance to be creative about what i learned by just telling a story. I feel as if its a better way to learn something and create a way to memorize it because your creating the teaching.

Sufferagette the movie.....

I watched a movie for one of my classes in gender culture. The movie was about British suffragist in 1912. The main Character was Watts. Watts was against the action of the suffragist because she didn't want to embarrasses her husband. Later on in the movie she embraces it and join Mrs Pankhurst on her journey to fulfill women rights to vote.Mrs Pankhurst was a idol to the women she directed secret meeting where women will get together and preach for their rights and reason why they should have it.

 The movie Showed in Detail how women were treated in work environments and how their pay was far less then the males. the women made 13 shillings a week while the men made 19. Daughters didn't really have a great childhood because they were working along side their mothers. Men had complete custody of the children after the divorce. What was crazy in the movie was that the father divorced the mother for being harassed by the law enforcement. Later on giving the son away for adoption. This actually happened women had no rights over their kids and men worked to many hours a day to be a proper care giver for the child and see it as a burden so gives the child up for adoption. In attempts to gain their right to vote they blew up mail boxes around the town including the ministers house. I could barely open my eyes for the scene where the suffragist were brought into jail and starved themselves. Doing this the prison had to take drastic measures and had to perform force feeding which is very dangerous and harmful for the body.

 Unfortunately the ending of the movie was sad but unfortunately their goal to be on media to show how they are treated and endorse women right to vote."In early 20th-century Britain, the growing suffragette movement forever changes the life of working wife and mother Maud Watts (Carey Mulligan). Galvanized by political activist Emmeline Pankhurst (Meryl Streep), Watts joins a diverse group of women who fight for equality and the right to vote. Faced with increasing police action, Maud and her dedicated suffragettes must play a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse, risking their jobs, homes, family and lives for a just cause."

Two course themes that would connect to this event would be "People Like Us" by Nicholas Krisoff that talks about how America has the assumption to being "The land of the free", but not so free. America was Always looked at as an escape for a new life a place where freedom existed, where you can have birth to children in the U.S creating a citizen giving your child as much freedom as everyone else. Connects to this film and I felt like it should be added to this because the unfair wages women were given compared to men. Also showed in the movie were signs of Royalty. Where the King of Britain was looked upon and cherished. The women's goal were to get his attention so he can support their rebellion.

Have you ever watched a film related to a topic like this? If so what was it.

Monday, November 16, 2015

What is sex positivity? & Sex wars by Ann Furgason

Both these articles have different incites and ideas on how sex should be looked upon. "what is sex positivity is about looking at sex as a positive idea. Its part of human nature and used to develop a understanding of gender,"As a broad ideology and world view, sex positivity is simply the idea that all sex, as long as it is healthy and explicitly consensual, is a positive thing. WGAC uses sex positivity within our programming about consent because it allows for a more nuanced understanding of how gender socialization, patriarchy and sexism have an impact on sexual violence" the quote states that's sex is beneficial to understanding ones nature. Compared to the other article self proclaimed anti-pornography feminists who find a home within sex positivity who believe,"
Radical feminists tend to condemn sadomasochism, cruise pornography,prostitution, (promiscuous sex with strangers),adult/child sexual relations,and sexual role playing(e.g.,butch/femme relationships). They reject such practices because of implicit and explicit analyses that tie dominant/sub- ordinate power". I don't quite agree on the topic of discussion in the article. I view it as too extreme to view sex as male dominant if it takes two people to consent to it. Consent gives someone to give the "opportunity to to permit, approve, or agree; comply or yield (often followed by to or an infinitive)"  If i had to side with one or the other I would side the sex positivity. Sex is a choice between partners it is a intellectual and meaningful process and shouldn't be descriptive as something negative or be second guessed to why people do it in general. 
What article would you side with and why ?

Monday, November 9, 2015

Tough Guy 2


It came to my attention that ,and haven't noticed since my early age viewing television action movies that consisted in violent themes always had to do with a male. Now its being brought up to me as mens violence because it then goes back to the article by Kimmel where she stated how men are most likely to contribute in violence. Not only is it encouraged to embrace your man hood, media even supports it in many genres including action based themed where most likely the male is the protagonist fighting against the villain who is most likely also a male. Yes we view this as entertainment but many try to imitate what they see on film and try to make it reality. The chances of a male part taking in the violence is high. The film states that theirs a 86% rate armed robberies and 77% aggravated assaults caused by male and 90% of murder and many more. Now we have to worry about what are children watch on tv because chances are they would want to relive the experience.

Another thing that was interesting and never really thought through was gender isn't usually acknowledge when committing a crime and getting a trouble. Theirs always a discreet label. the article mention if a boy committed a crime it would be acknowledged as a kid killing some not the gender. When women commit a crime their gender becomes a story rather then the story itself forgetting the gender role. As well as race of color when an African American or Latino commits a crime their race is the more of an issue rather then the crime. When the issue is brought under its more so about gender then their genes. Men are in a pressured society where they are expected to embrace their manhood which consist in aggression and violence. We are blinded from the cultural role in violence.We blame video games and media and even the guns we give out. We don't mention the cause and the gender. Male promotes the culture and "what it really means to be a man" , a "boy code" , where you don't discourse your feelings and show it with aggression and avoidance. We see this a lot in movies and video games which have violence. We also created the word "tough guy", to block feminine ideals and characteristics of a female and en store manhood. Coming with the tough guy role are the rules where you should know what to do as a man which is how to not be scared, don't cry and and be dominant. Anywhere outside your man hood labels you "unmanly". This can cause a man to try to gain his respect and pride through competition, any means possible to be looked at as a dominant man. 

 Over all this relates to the Kimmel Article because it talks about how many are pressured in society to embrace a identity an act a certain way that doesn't disclose your feelings with other man. Issues of men and masculinity feminist is a issue because we are in a society where where women are depicted only by their gender not their actions. While men are encouraged to violent aggression and physical force but nothing about their gender is mention when some crime occurs.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

"What are Little Boys Made Of?" By Kimmel

This Article is the topic we're covering in Gender Culture class. It is written by Kimmel and is about boys vs America. I can relate this to my other class because we are discussing the exceptions and pressures that men and women have in our society. We look at what we expect gender to perform in academics, sport, and even what we teach them. Kimmel mentions in the article that as well  as women men are pressed drastically in our society, "Four to five times likely for suicidal attempts. men are four times more likely to be diagnosed as emotionally disturbed. They are Three times more likely to be diagnosed with attention deficit disorder." I could agree that a school system is designed for a more female hood reasoning for why males tend to have a lesser performance then females. Females comprise 57% of undergrad & 59% graduated enrolled. Before women did not not excel in math and sciences but you see today that statistics are changing. A school setting is having boys to accept their emotion, high level activity, speaking their language, and using discipline to guide and build manhood.

A interesting fact i learned from my other class and can relate to this article. School is made to in a setting which creates man to behave in a female based setting, but education about feminist research is not taught as much as males success. Such as leaders, major wars, painters. Students are taught About the renaissance but information that talks about the reducing opportunities they had for women. Or lessons on the enlightenment where women were considered inferior and most importantly the industrial revolution where relationships between husband and wives changed because of work. Men felt as if they were the bread winner pressured that and American mans job is to care for and be the bread winner for the wife and kids.

What does this picture show you?

Do you feel that your parents pressure you to fit your gender role in a school based setting?

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Unslut film {Social justice event}


The event showed a film that discusses those comments constituted both slut shaming and sexual bullying, the film also mentioned teen girls who took their own lives after being sexually assaulted and slut-shamed by their peers, she knew she had to do something. It was interesting to me because I didn't know women would take their own lives for being called a name. It isn't fair that women are created a "face" because of their style, shape, or size. For example I can only image a teenage girl living her four years of high school being called a provocative name for what she on one certain day. Rumors start to spread that aren't true and before you know it it gets out to the public world and everyone is calling you that. The film could provide some perspectives to girls who currently feel trapped and ashamed. To be slut shamed, one doesn’t have to be actually engaging in any kind of sexual behavior.  "slut shaming" is just something feminists came up with to shame people who shamed promiscuous women,"deliberate act of calling a woman a slut, a whore or impugning her character in sexual terms in order to embarrass, humiliate, intimidate, degrade or shame her for actions or behaviors that are a normal part of female sexuality."

Two Themes This would connect to that we discussed about in class would be Generation M and "What is Sex Positivity". it connects to Generation M an article by Dr. Thomas Keith he discusses that as of today media shows sexism ,"prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination, typically against women, on the basis of sex", as a trend around the world using stereotypes that doesn't really describe the gender role. For example if you sat down and watched TV you scanned through the channels and seen a music video and or seen your football and the cheer leaders are skinny,thin, less cloths as usual. What this causes is some women who don't carry those traits to have self-doubt or feel some sort of jealously to become what they are. Amber Rose discussed how ashamed she was of her self at a time because of the negative rumors about her.

Another Theme We Discussed was What is sex positivity? & Sex wars by Ann Furgason which discussed about part of human nature and used to develop a understanding of gender,"As a broad ideology and world view, sex positivity is simply the idea that all sex, as long as it is healthy and explicitly consensual. Amber Rose talked alot about what it means to have sex with another person and the whole notion of consent.

I wanted to go to the event because I had recently seen Amber Roses "Unslut Protest" speech it was during the inaugural "Slut Walk" — a march designed to smash gender stereotypes and double standards — in downtown LA. The objective, Rose has said, is to “wear what the F you want” in order to combat the idea that women’s attire should dictate whether or not they’re victimized.

 Have you ever been called a name that stuck with you throughout High School? What was it?