Saturday, September 26, 2015

Generation M: Misogyny in Media and Culture by Dr. Thomas Keith

In the article Dr. Thomas Keith shows the viewer that as of today media shows sexism ,"prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination, typically against women, on the basis of sex", as a trend around the world using stereotypes that doesn't really describe the gender role. For example if you sat down and watched TV you scanned through the channels and seen a music video and or seen your football and the cheer leaders are skinny,thin, less cloths as usual. What this causes is some women who don't carry those traits to have self-doubt or feel some sort of jealously to become what they are. They do this by getting surgery to imitate what they see and better their flaws. The show "Bad girls club", is a good example the girls live in a "pink" , house where they all where lots of designer clothing and make-up. The girls dance provocatively in clubs. Women spend lots of money trying to portray that "perfect" image. The movie shows that today's females artist show a message to teenage girls.  It shows them many images of what they could look like. They look at female artist as powerful. Another thing i found interesting and didn't know was "Dove "soap  promotes natural beauty and expresses how women shouldn't wear make-up to show how beautiful you are. Dove sponsors "Axe", where they show women wearing tons of make up being all "sexy" just because you wear a nice smell.

One part of the film that caught my eye in the film and that stood out to me was when Palmer a famous plastic surgeon was being interviewed about cosmetic surgery and who he thinks influences women do it and he said "... it's not guys but fashion ... it's not attractive to men". I agree with this statement because I believe its what other females want that they don't have. Women are in competition with how they look because they try to imitate social media and their over exaggerated composure and make-up. Another thing that they said in the movie is That " women are taught to show a submissive role in the industry while the man shows dominance and portrays many images as a  sex appeal". "Are you selling music or are you selling sex". We watch TV today and the music
videos but we seem to notice that looks are more important then the actual music.




Do You think People agree on the roles women play on social media that being the reasoning for the high volume of series being premiered on multiple channels?

Do You agree on what Thomas Keith is trying to show the reader ?

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Oppression By Marilyn Frye

 Free At Last

 This Picture Right here caught my eye because it shows a women breaking free from oppression (handcuffs). Shows how relief she is to be able to free her arms. Women felt as men had then in cuffs, Holding them back from more goals and equality. The Picture also signifies unity between both sexes.

 This Picture was interesting and related to the article about women's oppression. It shows how women are jailed.

This article is interesting. Partly for me saying that is because I could agree that you don't need oppression to prove limitations and sufferings. By either way she states that women are oppressed as women, but men are not oppressed as men. Meaning as stated in the article women oppression is lead when women have restrictions. One of the restrictions that oppress women is that women have limitation which effect their freedom, them going out at night resulting in staying less hours at work. (Frye 85). Women suffer harms as a result of their restrictions; they lose personal freedom and have less economic freedom. Women face limitations which, on-balance, are harmful to them; they are inflicted by social constructions and anticipations, and even within the decree

Overall i thought it was a good article because it pointed out the true aspects of womens oppression. Women who arnt knowledgeable of what they do and what holds them back need to realized it's the stereotypes which are oppressing you from true success.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

"The F-Word: Feminism in Jeopardy"


By: Kristin Rowen-Finkbeiner

Reading this it didn't come as much as a surprise that many aren't knowledgeable about feminist. She made sure that the reader knew exactly what happened and how important it really was. In fact I'm taking a class on Gender taught by professor Endress. She states before she tells us what were going to discuss about in the class that many people especially men in particular aren't aware of the history of women and the different kinds of feminist. Knowing this you can already assume that classes are barely taught about feminism and although women are free to vote and have equal rights many are still sexiest and still treat women unequally. This could be because a lot aren't aware of women history  and the strength and patience.

For those who don't know this movie is based on a true story and many wasn't aware of the torture women went through. The women who protested and risked their lives for the cause had to be recognized, thus the movie being made. Kristin Rowen-Finkbeiner made it clear that all aspects of the feminist movement should be noticed because not to many women even know their own history.

About Me


Hello my fellow classmates. My name is Stevens Descades, yes with the extra "s" at the end. I guess my mom wanted me to be unique. But moving on from my name Im 21 years old and I major in communication and minor in business. For work and as a hobby I like to fix up cars and motorcycles on my free time. My uncle owns a shop so i lend a helping hand from time to time. the picture above can tell you where im originally from and attended high school at. My school was pretty big it had over 5,000 kids and my graduating class was 900+, honestly their were so many kids i forgot how much exactly graduated. Well on the other hand I chose this class because I want to know more about Gender because i have this class that is required for my major and its just as similar to this one so i hope to learn great knowledge on this topic.

"Fear of Feminism: Why Young Women Get the Willies"

By Lisa Maria Hogeland

 The author, Lisa Maria Hogeland, explains to the reader that young women today have been affected by feminism. Ever since the women suffrage theirs been unequal treatment between men and women. This created a movement where women would rebel to receive their rights and equality. Hogeland tells the reader from by her words women hide the movement within them meaning they are afraid to reveal their true colors. From liberal to radical, even Marxist  feminism still exist today. They are afraid they will be judged and called names for being "un lady like" and also because they see as if society still looks at man as predominant where they have more say and rights.Her purpose for this article  is to promote and instill feminism into women but to also tell the younger generation that the movement of feminism is for a great cause to pave the way for equality in the future .

 Lisa Maria Hogeland sends a message to younger females that you shouldn't be embarrassed in taking the dominant role, which makes a female feel she is the cause of short term relationship. They also feel as being a feminist creates a mindset where they feel the effects of homophobia. In life you see it every day people afraid to come out of their shells and show their true colors. What she shows is that theirs no label for having a conservative view.