Friday, December 4, 2015



This article is about Allies. It talks about what other people can do to contribute in helping people gain more self esteem and confidence. This means typically someone opposites from you weather its from race, gender, or a comment you might have made in front of a group of friends. In one of my classes we talked about someones"Face" which is your own image of yourself. its who you think you are. This connects to the article because depending weather or not someone is with you or against you is can have a negative or positive effect on your face. This Blog is a reflection blog because I remember remember I went into a grocery store to grab a few snacks while searching for snacks the manager kept watching me. Unaware of the situation a White male confronted the stores manager as to why he's keeping an eye on me when he could have had the opportunity to steal something as well. The store clerk had nothing much to say but sorry because he knew he was in a situation where he enacted a racist move and the white male was considered and ally. This connects to the article because the white privileged male was sticking up for an African American and he didnt even know me

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