Friday, November 20, 2015

petcha kucha


A quick summary of my story that i want my pecha kucha is A city where men took control of all operations, decisions and rights, women had no say. They lived lives where they would be given a husband to wed. Women were in competition with themseleves to see who was the prettiest and best shaped to “score” the richest husband.  Their are two lovers Johnny and julianna they meet at a young age and throughout their time growing up together johnny views the different lives they live as well as julianna telling him stories and sharing memories on how her mom and him self lived . Julianna is a non wealthy girl who soon grows up to become a smart educated women but seeing johnny started to become a problem to the The law is enforced by the police enforcement and the SCWAAMP team
              A law enforcement that enforces male Privilege & everything within the Americas systemic institution that allows women and lgbt no rights to anything  separates the two because of their constant time spending together. Johnny then feels aggression and starts to hate the society he lives in. 

Pecha kucha seems interesting gives me a chance to be creative about what i learned by just telling a story. I feel as if its a better way to learn something and create a way to memorize it because your creating the teaching.

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