Monday, November 9, 2015

Tough Guy 2


It came to my attention that ,and haven't noticed since my early age viewing television action movies that consisted in violent themes always had to do with a male. Now its being brought up to me as mens violence because it then goes back to the article by Kimmel where she stated how men are most likely to contribute in violence. Not only is it encouraged to embrace your man hood, media even supports it in many genres including action based themed where most likely the male is the protagonist fighting against the villain who is most likely also a male. Yes we view this as entertainment but many try to imitate what they see on film and try to make it reality. The chances of a male part taking in the violence is high. The film states that theirs a 86% rate armed robberies and 77% aggravated assaults caused by male and 90% of murder and many more. Now we have to worry about what are children watch on tv because chances are they would want to relive the experience.

Another thing that was interesting and never really thought through was gender isn't usually acknowledge when committing a crime and getting a trouble. Theirs always a discreet label. the article mention if a boy committed a crime it would be acknowledged as a kid killing some not the gender. When women commit a crime their gender becomes a story rather then the story itself forgetting the gender role. As well as race of color when an African American or Latino commits a crime their race is the more of an issue rather then the crime. When the issue is brought under its more so about gender then their genes. Men are in a pressured society where they are expected to embrace their manhood which consist in aggression and violence. We are blinded from the cultural role in violence.We blame video games and media and even the guns we give out. We don't mention the cause and the gender. Male promotes the culture and "what it really means to be a man" , a "boy code" , where you don't discourse your feelings and show it with aggression and avoidance. We see this a lot in movies and video games which have violence. We also created the word "tough guy", to block feminine ideals and characteristics of a female and en store manhood. Coming with the tough guy role are the rules where you should know what to do as a man which is how to not be scared, don't cry and and be dominant. Anywhere outside your man hood labels you "unmanly". This can cause a man to try to gain his respect and pride through competition, any means possible to be looked at as a dominant man. 

 Over all this relates to the Kimmel Article because it talks about how many are pressured in society to embrace a identity an act a certain way that doesn't disclose your feelings with other man. Issues of men and masculinity feminist is a issue because we are in a society where where women are depicted only by their gender not their actions. While men are encouraged to violent aggression and physical force but nothing about their gender is mention when some crime occurs.

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  1. Its interesting that female violence is highlighted as a strange phenomenon, while male violence is considered the "norm" in society. Then again men hide from the spot light in plain sight so to speak. We are in a mess!