Saturday, November 7, 2015

"What are Little Boys Made Of?" By Kimmel

This Article is the topic we're covering in Gender Culture class. It is written by Kimmel and is about boys vs America. I can relate this to my other class because we are discussing the exceptions and pressures that men and women have in our society. We look at what we expect gender to perform in academics, sport, and even what we teach them. Kimmel mentions in the article that as well  as women men are pressed drastically in our society, "Four to five times likely for suicidal attempts. men are four times more likely to be diagnosed as emotionally disturbed. They are Three times more likely to be diagnosed with attention deficit disorder." I could agree that a school system is designed for a more female hood reasoning for why males tend to have a lesser performance then females. Females comprise 57% of undergrad & 59% graduated enrolled. Before women did not not excel in math and sciences but you see today that statistics are changing. A school setting is having boys to accept their emotion, high level activity, speaking their language, and using discipline to guide and build manhood.

A interesting fact i learned from my other class and can relate to this article. School is made to in a setting which creates man to behave in a female based setting, but education about feminist research is not taught as much as males success. Such as leaders, major wars, painters. Students are taught About the renaissance but information that talks about the reducing opportunities they had for women. Or lessons on the enlightenment where women were considered inferior and most importantly the industrial revolution where relationships between husband and wives changed because of work. Men felt as if they were the bread winner pressured that and American mans job is to care for and be the bread winner for the wife and kids.

What does this picture show you?

Do you feel that your parents pressure you to fit your gender role in a school based setting?

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